The Park Hotel is located at the upper entrance to the
National Park Grand Promenade, the infamous red brick
path through the woodsy hills behind the world-renowned
Bath House Row and the illustrious shopping and dining
district of Hot Springs.

Our location, chosen primarily for its serenity, provides our
guests the opportunity to stroll downtown or hike the many
trails that radiate from the Grand Promenade into the
National Park.  Such convenience greatly enhances the
leisure of any vacation, and ensures the unique
combination of nature and romance.  

Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the Park
Hotel exemplifies the architectural brilliance of the 1920's
and 1930's. Completed in 1929 and opened to the public in
1930, the Park Hotel is a mélange of Spanish Revival
influences.  Throughout its long and varied history, original
architectural elements have been beautifully preserved,
immediately evident upon entrance into the spectacular
tiled lobby.  
Our 1929 Elevator is still fully functional with an
elevator operator!  
We have an automated elevator for the Guests.
The Park Hotel as it appeared in 1930
The Grand Staircase leading up from the Lobby
These beautiful brass doors take you
right into our spectacular lobby.
Harry S. Truman, our 33rd President,
frequented the Park Hotel.  His favorite
room was 401, which is a standard corner
room with an excellent view of the National
Park and Grande Promenade.
Some lovely ladies waitressing
at the Hotel in 1941.  
Mrs. Ruth Clark (center)